“re-source offers presence & communication trainings to catalyse positive change inside your Companies, Charities & Schools”

Presence & Communication Training

We work across a diverse spectrum of organisations to help catalyse positive change one person at a time because we believe that by supporting individuals towards positive change that we can positively effect whole organisations.  ‘One person at a time’ is a tool we teach for achieving greater quality of presence when speaking, presenting or communicating in groups.  We help people overcome their anxiety around public speaking and communication, instilling in them the quality of presence needed to live a successful and nourishing life.  We offer inspiring in house trainings inside companies & charities as well as partnering with organisations on a diverse range of programs to help all types of people to find their true voice and develop the confidence and courage to live in a way that is more true to who they are.

What are the benefits of this work?

  • Overcome your fear of speaking in public
  • Overcome performance anxiety
  • Cultivate genuine & authentic presence
  • Increased confidence in expressing yourself
  • Improve all your relationships
  • Communicate clearly & powerfully
  • Powerful positive team & relationship building

Examples of Workshops for:

Corporates / Companies

Public Speaking Training
‘Mindfulness & Presence in Presentation’

Here at re-source we believe that developing mindful presence in relation to others is the key to overcoming fear and delivering powerful public speeches and workplace presentations.  This workshop will give you renewed confidence and the energy to succeed in these areas.  This seminar is a powerful and effective exercise in workplace team building and communication training.


Public Speaking Training
‘Mindfulness & Presence in Activism’

Learn to talk about the issues that matter with greater confidence, presence and flow.  Whatever motivates your charity, we’ll help you overcome any anxiety you have around speaking up and being heard both in your place of work and as an advocate for your organisation  As well as empowering individuals to speak with more confidence & presence, this seminar is a powerful communication training and effective exercise in workplace team building.

Music, Drama & Dance Schools

Presence Training
‘Stage Presence’

Learn how to just ‘be’ on the stage.  This is the first step in being able to deliver a powerful performance.  It is when we can relax into just being ourselves on the stage that the most amazing performances can begin happening.  Its all about getting out of our own way and allowing creativity to flow through us without thinking too much.  If you suffer from stage fright or wish to work on honing your capacity to show up really powerfully on the stage, this workshop is for you.

English Language Schools

Public Speaking Training
‘Language Confidence’

Very often the difficulties we experience when trying to express ourselves in a foreign language are not always connected to our lack of vocabulary or difficulty with the language itself.  More often it is low self-confidence and the fear of making mistakes and being judged which causes us to feel anxious and stops us from being able to communicate successfully.  This workshop is great for building the confidence of English Language Learners.

Schools & Youth Organisations

Youth Public Speaking Training
‘Mindfulness & Presence in Public Speaking’

We passionately believe in giving the younger generations a voice and helping them to canalise their truth and learn to speak out in a world that would rather they remained silent. We believe that by helping young people to develop the confidence to shine we are taking care of our future.  These workshops give them a voice and teach them how to both listen with greater depth and be heard in a world where the noise of the machine can often be overpowering.