Let Your Heart Speak (INVITE ONLY)

72, Albert Road, London, N22-7AH


Friends! I Invite you to my life warming party to participate in an evening of meeting, connection, heart opening and inspiration. I welcome you to my place in Alexandra Palace. To meet my 2 kittens Camino & Sufi.

Lets get inspired together on the FULL MOON!!!

I invite you to bring some food to share picnic style. 6:30pm-8pm will just be free flow meeting and connecting. 8pm onwards I will initiate a Speaking Circle called 'Let Your Heart Speak'. This is a safe space where I will invite you to stand in the spotlight and speak from your hearts, overcome your fear of being heard and seen. When we really take the risk of showing up in the moment, free of plans and masks, then it dosen't matter what we say, from this space we become who we truly are, "authentic and inspiring". No one will be forced into the spotlight, you are welcome to witness others and stay a little more in the shadows if that is your preference. I welcome you to join us for this magical evening ♥

Doors close at 8pm to make it a safe space for everyone to settle in together.

Looking forward to welcoming you :) Anu