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If you want to become a more confident, powerful and authentic speaker then you have come to the right place.  Our Authentic Public Speaking Foundation Courses are not like any other currently on the market.  The core of our approach is very much about learning how to come alive and into authentic presence whilst speaking in front of an audience.  We believe great public speaking is something that starts happening naturally the more you are able to relax into being, rather than constantly trying to force yourself to be a certain way.  We are here to help you to dissipate any pressures you might feel around public speaking so you can begin to really enjoy the experience of speaking.  Here at re-source we offer a cutting edge curriculum which integrates public speaking, mindfulness, trauma education and authentic relating.  Our training represents the culmination of more than 15 years of study in the realm of wellness and personal development, so if you choose to train with us you can be sure you are in very safe hands.


Modules on our Foundation Course?

  • Relational PresenceThis powerful practice increases the strength and quality of your presence in relation to the audience.
  • Mindfulness in Public SpeakingThe practice of slowing down and bringing awareness to the present moment whilst speaking helps transform anxiety into relaxed presence.
  • Anchoring and Resourcing – Ways to remain present in stressful situations or when needing to give pressurised talks or presentations.
  • Understanding TraumaInteractive Presentation on understanding and overcoming trauma around speaking in public.
  • Use of the breathExploring the power of breath awareness in Public Speaking.
  • Body Language – Exploring the power of body awareness in Public Speaking.

Practice Focused Public Speaking Training

At re-source we don’t tell you how to become more relaxed and authentic in front of an audience.  We show you how, and then we give you the opportunity to practice, tooOur program is fully immersive every step of the way.  On our courses we give part of the time to theory and understanding trauma but most of the time to practising speaking, practical exercises and awareness training.

Management vs Transformation

Most Public Speaking training organisations in London are more technique and theory heavy and oriented towards managing anxiety rather than moving through it successfully.  The strength of our program is that we support you to move through any anxiety you have around speaking so you no longer need to manage it, effecting lasting change in all areas of your life.

Deep Listening

At re-source we believe the strongest foundation in education and training is built upon deep listeningOur program curriculum has been developed with this in mind.  So, whilst all of our training’s do follow a strong basic curriculum, we also feel that flexibility is important in order that we can respond to the needs of each unique training group.  This means every experience of a workshop or course at re-source will leave you feeling refreshed, alive and ready to meet your life in a new and powerful way.