Frequently Asked Questions

Q:  What happens in a community class?
  Community classes are designed for you to learn about our approach and have a regular place to practice speaking.  In the class we will talk about our approach a little bit then we’ll invite you into some exercises in pairs to create some more relaxation in the group and in the second half of the class there is the opportunity to speak in front of the class a little bit. Sometimes there are topics and sometimes there are no topics, everyone is free to choose not to speak, there is no pressure at all.

Q: No topics? Then how do we know what to talk about?
 Here at re-source we teach something called relational presence, this is the core of our training methodology.  We are not teaching you to speak in front of an audience, we are teaching you to be relaxed in front of an audience and the words come naturally as we become more relaxed.

Q: That sounds scary, do I have to get up without knowing what I am going to talk about in advance?
No you don’t have to do anything you don’t want to.  If you feel like you need a topic to talk about and we haven’t given you one then you are free to choose a topic in advance, whatever helps you to feel more safe and comfortable to relax into the experience of the class.

Q:  I have a lot of difficult symptoms around speaking in public, I suffer from stage fright, are your classes suitable for me?
Yes. This work is for everyone from beginners and those who suffer from stage fright to seasoned public speakers looking for a fresh approach to speaking.  Our method has something for everyone.  Our head trainer is fully qualified in working with healing trauma which he weaves into the re-source curriculum so everyone is in safe hands.

Q:  I have done hundreds of Public Speaking courses and am a seasoned speaker across London, will your approach offer me anything new?
If you haven’t experienced us before then definitely yes.  The whole basis of our methodology is founded upon the principles of authentic relating, mindfulness & trauma education which sets us apart from all other training providers.

Q: How do I book onto a class?
Go to our Calendar and Booking page and click on the date you wish to book, its that simple 😊

Q: I want to come to your class but I can’t make until X time or have to leave at X time, can I still come along?
In service of creating a safe and smooth class for all participants we ask everyone to commit to the whole class from start to finish.

Q: The class fee is too high for me, do you offer concessions?
We wish to be accessible so yes we do.  We offer a fee of £22 for low waged or £16.50 each if you book with someone else.  If you are really hard up then get in touch and we can maybe talk about some kind of exchange.