We offer friendly community classes in Authentic Public Speaking.  In this Class, you will begin to learn the basic foundations of relaxed & genuine speaking, meet some great new people and hopefully experience the highlight of your week! Its a great place to practice speaking!

“An Authentic Approach To Public Speaking”

Expressing ourselves in front of an audience can be a really difficult experience, mostly because we put so much pressure on ourselves to say something interesting, we become frozen and anxious and it can really feel like the words get stuck inside of us.  Having all eyes on us can feel terrifying.  Unlike other training organisations in this sector we don’t focus on teaching you mental techniques to manage your difficult feelings,  we don’t teach you how to manage your anxiety.  We don’t believe in management, we believe in transformation.  We support you to genuinely overcome your fear, we train you to really start enjoying the experience of public speaking.  The unique thing about our work is that we invite you into a more warm and authentic relationship with the audience and with yourselves.  Our classes will begin to enable you to speak with greater calmness, ease and confidence.

What happens in Taster classes?

Firstly, we teach some basic principles to help with becoming more present in relation to the audience.  We may take some time in pairs to introduce ourselves and do some small exercises to prepare for speaking.  In the second half of the class there will be the opportunity to speak inside a safe structure.  There is no pressure to speak in front of people if you don’t feel safe enough, and if you do speak there is no pressure to even make any sense as learning how to be more present whilst speaking is the most important aspect of this work. You are welcome to say anything in any language, or simply remain silent – it’s your choice.


7th November 2019
21st November 2019
5th December 2019
19th December 2019