Our Philosophy

We don't believe in teaching you to manage the difficult feelings you might experience around public speaking, we believe in fully supporting you to transform those feelings so you can relax into being yourself when speaking in front of an audience, free of fear and anxiety. We also believe that feeling safe enough in a group to share your vulnerability is the key to overcoming your fear around public speaking.

What is unique about our approach?

Our approach combines several cutting edge psychological technologies that will not only help you to overcome any anxiety you experience around public speaking but will also offer you the keys to start enjoying it.  The core of our work revolves around the phenomenon of relational presence and supporting you to feel safer both in relating to one person and in relating to an entire audience.   We ground this practical work of cultivating relational presence in helping you to understand more deeply the nature of trauma and how the past effects you in the present moment.  We combine depth with lightness and ease and we warmly welcome you.

Head Trainer - Anu Azrael

In my early 20’s I walked from London to Santiago De Compostella in Spain, more than 2400km.  It was this defining experience that set my life on a trajectory towards adventure and self-exploration.  For the following 16 years, I trained globally in many of the most cutting-edge approaches to personal development.  I was a multidisciplinary therapist for 10+ years.  I bring my passion for personal development to re-source.  I trained and qualified in the Speaking Circles work of Lee Glickenstein & Doreen Hamilton in California which is an approach that offers a way to move through stage fright using relational presence rather than just trying to mask it.  I am truly passionate about holding a safe space for people to shine and be themselves.  What a great job I have!

We believe at re-source that walking the path towards becoming a powerful speaker starts the moment you decide something in your life needs to change & seek the help to do something about it.  We’re here to help you overcome your fear and begin living and expressing yourselves with greater ease and authenticity.  re-source offers the opportunity to completely transform the way you relate, communicate & express yourselves.  Welcome to our wonderful community of speakers!