The Secret to Fearless Public Speaking 9 Jul 2019

We have been conditioned to believe at an unconscious level that other human beings are a threat to us and don’t generally have our best interests at heart, that we are all alone in this life and that no one can help us except ourselves. Maybe we have also had many difficult experiences in our lives that seem to have confirmed the validity of this belief.

In my view, it is this common belief that is the biggest cause of stress and illness in our society, as well as the underlying cause of anxiety around speaking in front of an audience.  As we so very often feel completely alone when speaking in front of an audience or giving a presentation, we put so much pressure on ourselves to perform, which ramps up anxiety levels to such a degree that we may lose our words completely.

Authentic Public Speaking helps us to remember that we are already perfect exactly as we are, that there is nothing we need to do or say in order to be accepted.  We are free to say whatever we like and relax into the experience of being ourselves without the fear of being criticised or judged.  Through practising this way of speaking in our courses or workshops, you will naturally begin doing this more in your lives.

In Authentic Public Speaking, we teach something called relational presence, which is basically a way of becoming more present with your audience.  What if, rather than trying to give something to your audience, you begin to experience that the audience has so much to give you?

Through Authentic Public Speaking, we can begin to trust in ourselves again and in the benevolent intentions of others.  Through this work, we learn how to be more receptive and listen, instead of communicating from defensive positions.  We can communicate and speak what is true for us without the fear of being shut down and criticised.  Authentic Public Speaking offers us the opportunity to make this shift in our lives.

From a space of fearful frozenness, we shift into a space of relaxed ease and lucidity of fluid articulation, so we can begin really expressing ourselves in a way that is true to who we really are.  This work offers real relief from the tense and breathless experience of living in isolation.  It offers a doorway to a more expanded way of being in the world and relating to others.  Speak easy, learn to trust & become fearlessly authentic.