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The Services we offer include...

  • Fire IconInsight Coaching - Helping you to think creatively about your problems in work and at home.
  • Fire IconInsight Consulting - Helping you to think creatively about any issues you are experiencing in your business, supporting you to take a stronger lead and find creative solutions.
  • Fire IconAuthentic Presentation Workshops - Teaching you some simple yet powerful presence techniques that will empower and embolden your presentations and public speaking engagements.
  • Fire IconMindfulness Meditation for Stress Relief - Space to relax and release your stress for a short time both guided and in silence.

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We believe at re-source that relaxation is the key to successful living and a productive work life, we believe that developing your capacity to think creatively will help you excel in all areas of your personal life and business & we believe that being yourself and expressing what is true for you is the best way to inspire others and ultimately realise your true potential.

Relax – Think Creative – Speak Authentically

Mindfulness For Stress Relief

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