Authentic Public Speaking Specialists

At re-source we are passionate about helping you to speak more authentically through creating a safe, non-judgemental, playful and relaxed space where you might explore your vulnerabilities around public speaking. We have found that practising to speak more truthfully in a safe and supportive community of learners, will help you to speak with more confidence and communicate more honestly in your daily lives and is the key to not just overcoming your fear of public speaking but the doorway to a whole new way of being.

Our public speaking courses will help you if…

  • Fire IconYou want to learn authentic public speaking?
  • Fire IconYou have difficulty expressing yourself in front of an audience?
  • Fire IconYou want to learn how to relax into being yourself on stage?
  • Fire IconYou want to improve your confidence when speaking in public?
  • Fire IconYou want to learn how to communicate more honestly, clearly and powerfully?
  • Fire IconYou suffer from performance anxiety & need help to overcome it?
  • Fire IconYou are a beginner with issues of fear and anxiety around speaking?
  • Fire IconYou are an experienced public speaker looking for an authentic edge?

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At re-source, we don’t tell you how to become more relaxed and fearless in front of an audience.  We show you how then we give you the chance to practice too.  Our program is completely immersive every step of the way.  At re-source, we believe that listening is the cornerstone of education & training.  So whilst our program follows a strong core curriculum around the practice of relational presence, we design our trainings to be able to respond to the needs of each unique training group.


We believe at re-source that walking the path towards becoming a more confident and authentic speaker begins the moment you decide that something in your life needs to change and seek the help needed to do something about it.  We are here to support you to overcome your fear and begin expressing yourself with greater authenticity and ease.  Bringing together the Speaking Circles work of Lee Glickstein with several other groundbreaking approaches to personal development re-source offers a deeply transformative program that will completely transform the way you relate, communicate and express yourself.


Our Workshops & Courses are made up of a potent combination of some of the most effective personal development approaches that exist today.   Our courses will enable you to become a more powerful, confident and inspirational speaker.  Have you been struggling with speaking in public for many years?  Now is the time to not just overcome this fear but to blow this fear completely out of the water.  We warmly welcome and encourage you to book onto our foundation level training which you are welcome to take as a powerful stand alone course or as a first step to go even deeper into the re-source curriculum. 


We know that sometimes booking straight onto a workshop or course can seem like a big leap into the unknown, some of you might need a helping hand, so to help you decide whether our workshops and courses are for you we offer taster classes.  In this class, you will begin to learn the basic foundations of relaxed and genuine speaking in any situation. Taster classes are a great way to step into this work more slowly, meet some new people and maybe even make some new friends. They are designed so you can get a very basic feel of what it is we are offering here at re-source.  

There is a maximum of 10 participants in each class.